Where Are My Instagram Messages? Keep A Lid On!

Did you lose your Instagram messages? We know where they are stored for you and your descendants!

Instagram from the platform for sharing photos, watching videos, and reading popular blogs have turned into a real social network, which has almost everything for the stable operation in the network without switching to other resources communication and entertainment.
What can you do on Instagram?
  • Upload photos and videos. You can add up to 10 photos to a single post, and upload videos up to 1 minute in length.
  • Add to your published materials the text and your thoughts on various topics to interest your followers in your profile, stickers, emoticons, emoji.
  • Post Instagram stories that will be available for viewing in the next 24 hours. This is the first place where a new follower can notice your account.
  • Send direct messages and voice messages to your friends and family, as well as to any Instagram users whose profile is public.
  • Call your Instagram friends via social network
  • Promote your business on Instagram, like a store.

One of the most important features – direct, the use of which does not end with the banal messages that you can send to friends and relatives. The extent of its functionality is wider than you think!

Where are my Instagram messages? Direct knows everything!

For a new Instagram user to find the direct on Instagram is rather difficult, because no tips and action plan Instagram does not offer. However, I’ve listed some points about Direct, based on which you can write, read and send messages.
Let’s start our search operation for IG DIrect and answer to your “Where are my Instagram messages?” question:
  1. Open the Instagram app;
  2. Open your news feed;
  3. Look at the upper right corner and finds the icon “airplane”;
  4. Click on the icon and open a new window;
  5. The new window is Direct.
Did you know that Direct has appeared on Instagram in 2013 and immediately won the hearts of millions of users of this social network? And for good reason, because in direct you can:
  • Send text messages;
  • Send photos and videos;
  • Send voice messages;
  • Share Instagram stories;
  • Call another user;
  • Carry out auto DM online.

Send text messages

Sending a new message is quite simple, all you need to do is:
  • Go to the page of the person you want to send a message to;
  • On his profile you will see the message button;
  • Then do not hesitate and press it;
  • After clicking you will see a dialog with this user.

Send photos and videos

To send a photo or video, you need to:
  • Select the file you want on your phone;
  • Then select the sharing function via Instagram option;
  • After that select the desired user and send it.

The second way is to open a dialog with the user and in the line of the message, you will see the share file icon. Click on it and select the desired.

Send voice messages

To send a voice message you need to:
  • Open a dialogue with the right person;
  • In the line of the message select the microphone icon;
  • For the recording of your audio message you need to long press the microphone and simultaneously dictate your message;
  • When you release your finger from the icon, then your message will automatically be sent.

Share Instagram stories
To share a story on Instagram you need to:
  • Go to the desired story;
  • Select the share function in the line of the message;
  • Then you will see a list of your followings;
  • You will have to choose the right person;
  • The final step is to share the story.

Call another user

To call the desired user via video, you need to:
  • Open a dialogue with him;
  • Then in the upper right corner click on the camera icon;
  • From now, you are connected to a video link with another user.

Carry out auto DM online

This feature is more useful for business accounts, but bloggers may also find it interesting and useful. With the help of direct mailing, you can automatically send the necessary messages to users, informing them about certain goods and services. After all, performing this function manually takes too much time, which can be spent on more useful things.

But how can this process be automated?

For example, you may use a special service that will do all the work on direct mailing for you! All you need is to write a message, select the necessary mailing settings, click on the start mailing button and that's it!

If you think that you will get confused in the variety of functional settings, then you are wrong, everything is very simple and clear, and most importantly, even a schoolboy can cope with it. There are three sending functions:
  • Send welcome emails to new followers. Thanks to it, you can make a gesture of attention to all new followers of your account. Believe me, 78% of new followers will appreciate it and stay with you, follow the news.
  • Send a message to existing followers. Thanks to it, you can keep in touch with your followers and customers, it is very important to always stay on their ears because today there is a large variety of other shops, cafes, and bloggers. Competition rules the world.
  • Send a message to the created list of followers. Thanks to it, you can inform your regular customers about special offers, cool trips that you organize.

You can add photos or videos, stickers or emoticons to each message. Besides, you can create unique message templates, and save them for future mailings, slightly changing the words.

Although who would have thought that a completely ordinary social platform will become so popular 10 years after its launch? So we could not, but now we are actively trying to get the most out of this platform. After all, apart from daily use of Instagram in your free time, it can be used as a great platform for the development of your own business, as well as for the development of yourself as a blogger, for example.

A great promotion tool can be your direct, which is not just a useful feature with which you can send messages to friends and family. This is a whole system of promotion, which works according to its laws and which can help you in the promotion of your account and facilitate some of the actions that you previously performed manually.

So do not waste time and use Direct Instagram to the maximum now!