What Is Direct Message? March In Lockstep!

Direct is not something new for Instagram users. It has a simple interface that is understandable to every person who has ever held a modern smartphone in his hands.

Note that for a long time there was no messaging function in the social network. It appeared only 3 years after the launch of the famous application.

Today it is difficult to imagine Instagram without direct. In addition to its main function, it has a huge stock of hidden features, which are not known by all. However, we will return to useful secrets! Let's start with the basics.

What is direct message? Instruction for use!

To become a guru in a field, you need to know its basics perfectly. Before you start to understand what is direct message and its hidden possibilities, you need to master its basics. Yeah! Even experienced Instagrammers will find here interesting chips and previously unused features.

Instagram is a completely mobile application. Therefore, more often direct use through the phone. To enter it, you must:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Go to home page;
  3. Click on the icon in the form of a paper airplane.

The same actions can be performed to enter direct on the tablet. In the list that appears, all your correspondence will be listed.

You can open direct on Instagram on your computer through the official app. It is available free of charge in the Microsoft Store. Install it and log in. The computer version is no different from the mobile version. Just click on the airplane.

How to write to direct on Instagram?

If you have never used direct before, then after clicking on the airplane there will be a blank screen. Next, you need to click on the "+". It is at the top right. Next, click on the line "Send message".

In the opened field you need to select the addressee. Just start typing his nickname or name into the search bar. A drop-down list will immediately appear, from which you need to select a user.

Clicking on the "Next" button will open a window with a field for entering text at the bottom. As soon as you start typing a message, the "Send" button will appear immediately.

What is a DM message?

Direct allows sending lots of different messages and moreover adding to them additional information, like:

  • Text message

The most simple and clear types of messages - text. They are used most often, complementing various emoticons.

  • Photo and video

Another of the most popular types of messages - photos and videos. To send them in direct, you need to click on the icon of the picture, located in the field for typing. Clicking on it will give you access to the gallery of your device.

  • Instant selfies

This disappearing photo and video, that send in direct. You can view them only once. To take an instant selfie, tap the icon that represents the camera.

  • Links

You can send links to other profiles or third-party resources via direct. Undoubtedly, before that, they need to be copied.

  • Publications and stories

There is the possibility of sending a funny picture and a shocking video to friends via direct. You only need to open the publication, click on the plane located below it, select the recipient.

  • Locations

Forwarding an address or exact location is very simple. You just need to click on the title above the publication. Next, click on the airplane that appeared in the upper right corner of the screen.

What does DM mean on Instagram?

One of the useful features of Direct - is the possibility of creating auto mailouts. Online services will help you to use all the features and possibilities of direct. They work on all devices. The most convenient, in our opinion, are applications:

Find services through a search engine and download. Then it remains only to log in by entering your username and password. Applications allow using all the features of direct.

Let’s consider the working process of Dmchats!

What is an Instagram DM? Crazy Possibilities!

If you promote your products and services on Instagram, be sure to use Direct messenger. With its help, you can quickly inform existing customers about new arrivals, discounts, and promotions, changes in the schedule of offline stores. This is much more convenient and effective than driving customers to the site first, and then motivate them to follow.

Moreover, with the help of auto mailouts, you will solve several problems at once. Among them:

  • Send welcome messages to new followers. In the messages, you can thank for following and give a link to some bonus, for example, an invitation to a private chat for your own or a promo code for a discount on the first order. A welcome message in Direct will make new followers more loyal to the brand.
  • Send messages to existing followers. Tell about promotions and discounts, with the terms of existing promotions and discounts on your follower or customer base. Such messages stimulate demand and motivate potential customers to buy.
  • Send messages to a special list of followers. Invite advertisers to cooperate. Mailing to opinion leaders (popular Instagram bloggers and media personalities) with a proposal for cooperation. It can be configured to list the people you would like to advertise with.

Before starting the campaign, remember that the administration of Instagram can block the account for spam. To avoid this, follow the limits (up to 100 messages per day) and make each message unique. With this, DMchats can help you, cause the service works with the set limits requirement.

What is a DM message? Benefits of Using!

First of all, using DM message you can automatically greet new followers with a message in direct. Tell them about yourself, about current promotions and offers, offer help and the follower will become a customer. As a result - you can increase your sales.

Secondly, you can communicate with customers directly from the browser and do not lose a single client. You don’t need to switch to another social network or device to answer the question. The result - is a comfortable work with clients' requests

Thirdly, you will have the whole analytics data. According to it, you can plan your future working actions with business matters. So, be aware of what is happening and make the right conclusions in time.

Open direct on Instagram right now and use it not only for communication but also for the development of your blog or business!