View Instagram Messages! The Easiest Way!

Instagram Direct is a built-in messenger that allows users to carry out correspondence within the Instagram application. If your follower writes to you, you receive a notification. And if you receive a message from the user who are not followed you, then you can accept the request and read the message or reject it. Everything is instinctively clear and simple, as are all Instagram features.

By the way, the messaging function was not always on Instagram, it appeared 3 years after the launch of the application. It was the fifth anniversary version of the already beloved social network.

Today, direct is a storehouse of functionality, starting with banal messaging, ending with the implementation of promotional mailings and sales. So, how to write messages and how to view messages on Instagram? Let’s learn together!

How to write a message?

Firstly, we will consider how to write messages and then how to view direct messages on Instagram. Step by step, as the phrase goes!

There are two ways of writing messages to the users of Instagram. Let’s consider them in detail.

  • Via Direct

You need to open the main window of Instagram feed and click on the airplane in the right corner. Once you have opened direct, you see a white screen, if you have never used direct from your device. And to write a message click on “+” ranks at right or press on the button “Send message”.

Here is a field to create a letter. In the field " To " select the recipient, for this start typing a name or nickname. In the drop-down list, select the desired user. Then, it will automatically be added to the send line. Click “next”.

A dialog box appears with the selected user. At the bottom of the screen, there is a field for entering text, when you enter at least one letter in the line, the “Send " button is activated. It is also possible to add attachments: pictures, videos, links, and other information.

  • Via Profile

Another way to send a message to a user is to go to their profile and click "Write" under the number of publications and followings.

Important: you can use this feature only if you are followed by a user. Otherwise, you need to follow first.

Lifehack for those who do not want to follow the user, but want to send him a message: on the profile page, click the three dots in the upper right corner and select the appropriate function.

How to view Instagram messages?

If you're flipping through the Instagram feed and you see an orange circle with a number in the upper right corner, it means that someone has written to you a message in direct and now you can view Instagram messages online.

This can be a notification, as a message from your follower, or just a request for chatting. Which you can either confirm and read or reject. If you confirm the chat with a user who is not your follower, then subsequent messages from this user will fall immediately into the inbox.

Notification settings can be customized individually. To do this, go to your account and click the three dots in the upper right corner (Android) or the gear wheel (IOS). When you go to your account settings, find the push notifications tab. Open it and find in the list, the title-requests Instagram direct. There will be two options: put a tick if you do not want to receive notifications. And the second point is from all. You will receive notifications from all users, regardless of whether a person is followed to you or not.

How to view Direct messages on Instagram on computer?

Yeah! You have read it right! If you have always wondered how to view DMs on Instagram through the computer, we have prepared for you a cool way that appeals to everyone without exception

In addition, this method has a lot of side effects that play the role of real Instagram assistants.

To use direct on Instagram through a computer, does not matter Windows, IOS or Linux, you can use the DMchats. This service allows you to use all the functionality of Instagram Direct from your computer, and most importantly to the fullest, without any functional restrictions.

  • Send messages by adding pictures, emojis, emoticons and more.
  • Read messages directly on the service and respond to them very quickly.
  • Structure your messages in one place.
  • Create automatic mailouts: send welcome messages to new followers, send messages to existing followers, send messages to selected followers.

This Instagram feature is ideal for those who are interested in promoting their blog or profile, and it is also an ideal opportunity to promote a business, such as an online store on Instagram. Using the online service for this the person will get the following advantages:

  • Time saving. No need to waste time sending each message manually.
  • Money saving. It has the lowest price on the market, but this does not affect the quality of its work.
  • Work 24/7. It works around the clock.
  • Protection. It complies with all the setting limits of sending messages on Instagram. Therefore, the risk of blocking your account is zero.
  • Functionality. It has a wide functionality that covers all areas of work with Instagram.
  • Convenience. It is easy to use, as it has a user-friendly interface that is most convenient to use by absolutely everyone.

So, if you want to use Instagram direct to its full functionality, then start doing mailouts right now. After all, tomorrow you can wake up not only famous but successful as well!