How to get Instagram DM notification working + bonus tip

Private messages on Instagram break new ground in using this social platform. The app and Instagrammers both benefit from DMs. Users smoothly share the content without the need of shifting the app while platform enhanced the time people spend inside it.
We bet your heart drops every time you get an Instagram dm notification. What if it suddenly malfunctioned and you are no longer hinted as soon as getting likes, message or comment?
In this article, we unscrew the most straightforward steps to fix DM notification and special tricks about it. Ready to explore?!

What to do if Instagram dm notification doesn't work?

Method #1 Use the settings

Make sure that general notifications are enabled on your phone.
Take a glance at the further guidance to be notified as needed.
  • Go to the Settings;
  • Choose Notifications section for Instagram;
  • Allow Notifications and make it viewable even if the device is locked;
  • Adjust the different sound for Notifications to distinguish easily.
Method #2 Reinstall the app and allow Notifications
If the previous solution wasn't helpful, delete Instagram app and set it up again (don't worry, you won't lose any data). As you download the app back, Instagram will ask you if you want the notifications to appear or not. Simply say, "Yes!" – One tap divides you from the desirable result.

Method #3 Adjust the Network settings
Still doesn't work? So, maybe this is a severe case. Joking! We have a solution for you – pass to the network settings. This method will help to restore the basic network configuration; make sure that the Internet connection is stable. Any problems will affect the outcome.
  • Go the Settings;
  • Tap General options from the list;
  • Choose Reset section - > Reset Network Settings.

Method #4 Deactivate "Do Not Disturb" mode
Did you know that this mode blocks any alerts, including Instagram notifications? That was your choice but if you grieve now, follow these steps:
  • Proceed to Settings;
  • Pick Do Not Disturb;
  • Disable the mode.
We hope one of the four methods corrected the workflow of Instagram alerts. Now the time for bonuses – learn tricks you might not be aware!

A hush-hush about notifications on Instagram

Now you fixed DM notifications on Instagram. You read messages as soon as received and monitor the engagement, not even unlocking your device. By the way, if your DM is often busy, you run a blog or business on Instagram –use online service DMchats. Its advantages and tools will be covered below.
Now let's reveal a trick you may practice on Instagram to stay up-to-date! We are entirely sure you have several accounts you follow with a great passion – your boyfriend's ex, your date, or competitor. Get notified as soon as they post on the feed or upload a Story! Don't waste your time updating their account several times a day. That's how you to that:
  • open the Profile you need;
  • tap three balls on the upper right side;
  • enable notifications on publications.
Be the first to know the hottest news, and don't miss a single post on the busy feed!

Bonus tip to make use of DMs – DMchats

Congratulations! Now you can adjust notifications on Instagram and be alerted on the most significant posts. What to do if your DM is busy from dusk till dawn? We have a piece of advice – use automated service for DMs! Here are four reasons why DMchats is a sound tool to manage your inbox:

  • Easy. How much time do you spend on the phone while answering requests and DMs? Leave the belated mobile chats for the past. A desktop conversation is a sufficient tool for influencers, businesses, and brands!
  • Cost-efficient. A mailing plan serves your profits and brand awareness. DMchats tools let you save money on SMM or a community manager – you can hold the chats on your own. Adjust advanced targeting to greet new followers or inform on exclusive deals – sales and engagement metrics will increase.
  • 24/7 assistance. Caring and expert customer support will help you with any issue. Quick response is guaranteed all day round!
  • Flexible. We offer different price levels fitting influencers, small companies, and gigantic brands. Select the package that fits your strategy and beer in mind, that this purchase compensates with leads and sales in a heartbeat!

The bottom line

In this review, we clarified how to adjust DM notification on your device and revealed some hidden features. We hope, alerts will keep you in the loop of buzz news without the necessity of unlocking your phone. If the inbox is hectic and unpleasant to use from a smartphone, DMchats is a catch. Employ automated messaging and high-level targeting at the best price!