Instagram Direct Message Desktop! Permission Is Granted!

Over time, and with the growth of the number of users, the audience began to increase and the requirements for the social network. One of the main requirements was the introduction of personal messages so that you can write and share photos not with all your followers, but also with someone else. As a result, Instagram Direct has appeared.

What is Instagram Direct?

In its third year, Instagram, like any other social network, decided to allow users to write private messages to each other and send photos privately, and not just leave comments under the photos of their friends. The Instagram feature was called Direct.

With the new functionality you will be able to send the following information to your friends:

  • Photos and videos, both from the phone and taken directly through the app;
  • Other people's profiles;
  • Text messages;
  • Interesting hashtags;
  • Any publications, both from your feed and from the feeds of other users;
  • Locations;

After sending a message, the addressee(s) will receive a notification on a mobile phone, so it will be very difficult not to notice that someone wrote in Direct.

How to write in Direct on Instagram?

If you have used an Instagram for a long time, but you still do not know how to write in Direct, then the following instructions should come in very handy.

In general, this social network is one of the simplest social space with an almost intuitive interface. Direct icon is located in the upper right corner of the app and looks like a mailbox. Clicking on it, you will see all the dialogues that you have already conducted with other users. Going to any of them, you can see the entire history of correspondence with a particular person or group of people.

If you want to write to Direct to a person with whom you have not chatted before, then on the dialog box you need to click on the "plus" in the upper right corner. After that, you will need to choose what you want to send: a photo/video or a regular text message. Then you will need to add a picture from your phone or make it, apply effects, select the recipient and click “send”.

If you want to send someone just a text message, then you will need to select the recipient similarly, write a text and click on the "send" button.

If you want to share with a friend some post from your feed in Direct, then under this publication you will need to click on the next arrow icon pointing to the right. Then, select the recipient from the proposed. After sending the post, you will automatically have a dialog with the addressee, which you can view in the way described above.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, you also have the opportunity to share with friends hashtags and places, for this purpose on the relevant pages you need to hold the already familiar arrow.

And if you want to recommend your friend some interesting profile, then on this account, click on the colon, then select " Share this profile” and specify the recipient.

As you can see, writing in Direct on Instagram and sharing various information is not difficult, especially from the phone. And what to do if the mobile with the installed application was not at hand – read on!

How to use Instagram Direct Message Desktop?

As has been repeatedly stated by representatives of the company, Instagram is primarily an application for mobile devices, so the possibilities of this social network in its computer version until recently were very limited. However, with the ever-increasing number of users accessing the social network via a computer, the creators had no choice but to gradually transfer the functionality of Instagram from the mobile to the web version.

Therefore, now through the site, it became possible not only to view your publications and friends but also to put likes, comment on photos, edit your profile and much more.

Unfortunately, we can’t use the official version of Instagram Direct for the computer. But, despite this, there is the opportunity to use it on the computer. To use all the features of Instagram direct on your computer, you will need to use the special service, which can provide you with all the necessary functionality of direct mobile version!

Today, many services are ready to provide the full functionality of direct from the computer. However, many of them have pitfalls, in the form of the presence of small capability. So, if you want to use Instagram Direct from the computer to the fullest, try to manage DMChats.

The service is a special platform that allows you to use Instagram DMs on desktop, regardless of what operating system you have, such as Windows, IOS, Linux. The service is supported by absolutely all devices. In addition, it has a simple and user-friendly interface that is similar to the traditional version of the Instagram phone app.

Concerning the main functions of the service, there is no difference in using the computer version or the mobile one.

  • Send text messages;
  • Read messages from followers;
  • Receive message notification requests;
  • Add to messages funny stickers, emoticons, and pictures;
  • Send other publications.

Besides, the service has an automatic mailouts function, which is especially relevant for those who want to promote their page or develop their Instagram business. To do this, you can select three channels of communication with followers:

  • Send messages to new followers. These messages usually include a thank for following, greeting, or promotional offers.
  • Send messages to all followers. They are great for keeping in touch with followers, or for announcing any news or promotions.
  • Send a message to the selected followers. It could be other bloggers or online stores. You can write to them for collaboration and audience sharing.

Also, you can create message templates or use ready-made, which will certainly increase your chances of success!

For creating the first mailout, just register and select all set rules. You can do it right now and use Instagram messages on desktop to the fullest!