How To Send Messages On Instagram On Computer?

Instagram starting as a mobile app, is no longer just social media. The gigantic content machine is turning into a marketplace with significant earning potential for everyone. A mom of three and a business person can make a fortune, not leaving home. But how to make the communication swift if Instagram chats are not available on the desktop? How to analyze the effectiveness of the mailing and promotion activities? If the inbox is busy, we know how to organize it in the right way!

In this article, we share three options on how to send messages on Instagram on computer. The decision will depend on the operating system, device capabilities, and your initial goal. Explore up-to-date software and online service to fast-track chatting!

What software to set up to have DMs on a computer?

Just imagine – chats on a big screen and a handy keyboard instead of the small smartphone. This approach to mailing will save you time and spare your nerves! How to message on Instagram on computer using the software? Well, the answer depends on the operating system!

#1 Instagram messages on computer on Windows
If you work on Windows, the solution is even more easy-peasy. The issue is that an official app has been released, and you need to download it! So, follow suit and go to Microsoft Store right now.

But before you do this, you should bear in mind that the App has specific requirements. Namely, the version should be no older than Windows 10; this App won't work on an obsolete computer. No worries! Further, we reveal a more convenient option suitable for any PC that you can run different devices.
#2 Instagram chat on a computer other than Windows

Lighten up even if your device is not on Windows OS. Mac, Linux, and Android users install Android emulators to organize IG chats desktop. Sounds unfamiliar? Well, emulators are programs that let you run any mobile app on a big screen of a PC, including Instagram. The most popular catch is BlueStacks – you can install it for free without any risks. How to do this?
  • Go to the official site and download BlueStacks;
  • Register using your Google account;
  • Set up IG app in BlueStacks;
  • Direct message on IG from a laptop!
Voila – that was smooth!

If your computer is on MAC OS, the alternative to BlueStack is Flume. Scroll the feed, view Stories, exchange Direct messages likewise you do it on IG mobile app.

Nevertheless, emulators have several drawbacks that we can't exclude. Consider that this software requires memory on the hardware, and they sometimes don't work smoothly. After all, the setup and registration take time, and you need to repeat it on every new device. For this reason, we left the icing on the cake for the end! DMchats is a sound online service that is compatible with any device, and it boosts your IG fame. Learn how!

How to send messages on Instagram on computer automatically?

Running a sided online service like DMchats might seem risky to you, but this strategy is the most efficient. You will manage web chats on a computer, exploit automated messages, and precise targeting that will lead to high sales and marketing results! The service is 100% secure and never uses your data; it has never experienced data leakage. So, don't worry and learn what the selling points are:

  • Chats on a computer. The primary function is to relocate IG messages from the App to any computer no matter the OS and characteristics. The only thing you need is an Internet connection.
  • Auto messaging. You can text to every new follower or some groups of followers automatically. Develop a template once and save hours!
  • DM with various content. Share not only texts but in-built stickers, gifs, instant pics, and vids. DMchats enables fast but still engaging and funny chatting!
  • Targeted mailing. The mailing plan is getting more efficient when you adjust the characteristic of the audience and create a special message for each group. Sort followers by age, location, gender, behavior, and speak their language when DM!

All the mentioned features in combine prove that this investment will pay back with engagement, sales, and brand awareness!


All in all, there are at list 3 practical methods on how to dm on computer. We hope you will pick the one that fits you, and it will surprise you with the feedback! DMchats is the service that grows your Insta fame besides chatting from a big screen. Enjoy and stay tuned!