How to post a message on Instagram: All the Tricks

New on Instagram? Oh, I envy you, this romantic feeling of sending your first message in Direct… is unforgettable! So, I will share all the ways to send message on Instagram I’ve learned. Read and take heed!

How to post a message on Instagram?

It’s easy, but to do that, you need to know where to find your Direct - Instagram messenger. For that open your app, and right on the Feed page top, find the paper airplane icon, that’s your Direct. Click it! Later, you will find all your chats and group chats as well as suggestions - users with whom you haven’t started the conversation yet.

Start your first conversation

  1. Go to Direct, find the Paper&pen icon at the top of the window, click it;
  2. Chose the recipient (s) of your first message, the checkmark will appear near the users’ avatars;
  3. Click the blue Chat button at the top of the page (appears only after picking up at least one recipient;
  4. The dialog window will pop up;
  5. Enter your message and tap Send.

Later you will be able to choose the already existing chats once you open your Direct.

Create a group chat

Instagram allows it, yes.

  1. Go to Direct;
  2. Tap New Message (Paper&pen icon);
  3. Choose several recipients, starting from 2 to 32, no more. Tap Send;
  4. Enter your text and tap Send.

Once you send the first message, the group chat will be created.

Create a video chat

  1. Go to your Direct;
  2. Find the Camera icon next to the New Message icon;
  3. Choose several recipients and tap Start at the top.

What can you send?

Sure, you can send not only text messages. Instagram allows attaching multimedia files, too!

Voice message. Find the Microphone icon, tap and hold to record your message. Once you release the button, the message will be sent.

Photo made on Instagram. Open a conversation with a user you want to send your photo. Left to your Message line, tap the Photo Camera icon, take a photo, send by clicking on the user’s avatar.

Attachments from your phone Gallery. Click the landscape picture icon next to the mic. Choose a photo/video (up to 10) and click the arrow sign at the bottom. That’s all.

Gifs and stickers. Tap the last icon remaining with a smiling face. Choose the one gif or sticker suggested or search for it by entering the keywords in the search line. Once you tap on one, it will be sent.

You can share a post in Direct. Isn’t that cool? Find any post you want to share, then find the Direct icon (airplane), tap it. You can write an accompanying message and then tap Send next to each recipient suggested to you.

You can share a Story in Direct. While watching Stories, pay attention to the paper airplane icon at the bottom, yes, that’s Direct. Tap it. Again, write your message and tap Send.

Can you send DMs from your PC?

Usually, no, Instagram Direct is available only on your cell phones, but of course, there is a let-out - service for auto messaging. They grant access to your Direct. So you can freely communicate with your mates, not switching between your laptop and cell phone.

But that’s not all the benefits. As it’s an auto messenger, it allows you to send your messages automatically. That will come in handy for those who run a business on Instagram or blog.

How to delete a message?

You already know how to send message on Instagram, but there can be some situations when you send your message to someone by mistake. Stop crying; there is a solution.

The removal of a single message

  • To delete a message, tap this particular message, hold it for a second;
  • Tap Unsend Message in the pop-up window.

Self-destructive messages

There is one more trick if you want to send your selfie, for instance, to a friend of yours, but you know that this fool can share it with someone, send a self-destructive message.

Click the Photo Camera icon, take a photo, at the very bottom of the window switch to View once. Thus, once a person watches it, the ‘burn after reading’ rule will get in the game.

The removal of the whole conversation

If some chats annoy you so much that you barely can’t see them anymore, there is two news for you: a bad one and a good one. The good one - you can delete a chat, the bad one - you can do it only for yourself. That means you can’t do that for the other person as well.

  • Go to Direct, find the chat you want to delete, tap it and hold;
  • Tap Delete in the pop-up.

Well, you are at the finish line. Now you know how to post a message on Instagram. It’s time for practice. Go and send your message to somebody. You will like it, I swear!