How To Open Instagram Messages? Working Method!

Direct is ready to offer users the following set of features:

  • exchange messages (visible only to those who participate in the dialogue);
  • transfer photos and videos with the function of their forced deletion after a certain period;
  • forwarding posts from other people's accounts;
  • clicking on received links;
  • view responses and reactions to stories;
  • receive notifications that you have been mentioned in someone's story;
  • formation of group conversations.

Often various online stores that conduct their activities on Instagram use Direct - the buyer can instantly write to the seller on the product that interests, and he, in turn, is able to quickly respond to all the details. We will discuss below how to simplify this procedure! Stay with us, it will be interesting!

How to open Instagram messages: Phone method!

To start using Instagram Direct, just open the official version of the application. In the upper right corner, there is an icon of a paper airplane. Click on it and you see the new window - it is Direct. If you want to start messaging with somebody, firstly you should click on the "+" - it is placed at the bottom of the Direct page.

Secondly, you should choose the necessary recipient or recipients for whom you want to send messages. You can choose no more than 15 users, cause Instagram doesn’t allow the users to choose more.

Thirdly, write the text of the message at the bottom of the page. Then click on the special mark and your message will be sent by the system. If you want to send pictures or videos, you should click on the icon with the image of the picture in the lower left corner where you can select an image from the phone gallery or also make a new photo (video).

If everything is done, then click on the icon at the bottom of the screen and the image will be sent.

In Instagram Direct, you can send posts not only to your followers but also to any users of the social network. In order to select the desired account when sending a message, you should use the search and enter a nickname. The recipient will receive an alert and can decide whether to view the publication.

It's easy to know that you have received a message on Instagram Direct. If someone sends a publication, the recipient receives a notification about it. Next, you need to open a social network. A red number on the button will appear, it shows how many private messages are waiting to be viewed.

The function of sending publications to a certain number of followers is quite convenient. It allows you to keep your privacy and at the same time share interesting moments of your life. The developers have tried to make the use of Instagram Direct as convenient and understandable as possible.

How to open Instagram Messages: Computer method!

Important! In the web version, which you open in any browser on your computer, there is no private messaging feature. If you want to fully use Instagram Direct from PC, laptop or MAC, you need to use the special service, which can guarantee the full working process of Direct.

This service allows using Instagram Direct, separately from the application, and most importantly, do it using a computer. Now you can easily read and send messages, add photos, videos, and cool stickers to your messages, chat with all your friends in one place and instantly reply to their messages.

An important advantage of the service is that through it you can carry out automatic mailing:

  • To the new followers. For templates of these messages, you can choose “thank you” messages for following, wishes of a good day, special bonus offers.
  • To all followers. For this category of users, you can send out promotional offers, messages with the latest news, giveaways.
  • To the list of followers. It may be other bloggers or businessmen who may be interested in collaboration or want to provide collaborations with you.

This is perfect for owners of online stores or bloggers who are focused on Instagram promotion. After all, now it is much more convenient to keep in touch with followers and customers:

  • Save time. No need to send messages to each user separately. Now you can create an automatic distribution of the necessary information.
  • Adjust to time zones. Since the service works around the clock, you can send messages to people living on different continents.
  • Support. The support team is always ready to help you with the creation of the mailing list, as well as with its launch if you have any questions.
  • Functionality. The service is designed for versatility, so you can work from two accounts at once, using all the functions.
  • Customer communication support. By sending messages you always stay in touch with your followers and do not let them forget about themselves and their content.
  • Result. Your sales are growing, the number of followers is increasing, and popularity is breaking all records.

We agree that there are a lot of advantages! After all, you use only one service, and also you get real benefits and a working way to promote your account on Instagram and use Direct to the fullest!