How to Look at Messages on Instagram? Open Your Eyes!

You’d better know how to deal with your Direct as it’s the key force on Instagram!

Let’s speak about Direct, baby, let’s speak about you and me, let’s speak about all the good things that may be… Ok, now seriously - have you ever thought what a powerful tool your Instagram Direct is?

You can stay in touch with your dudes sharing the posts of your ex, laughing together at her new hairstyle, you can find a love of all your life coming across the beautiful photo and sending Hi in Direct, you can do researches for your studies, making an appointment for doctors and sell via your Direct. Isn’t that amazing for a simple visual content-sharing app?

That’s why open your eyes widely and enjoy the article as it will teach you the basic concepts you can’t be ignorant of.

How to look at messages on Instagram?

Now discover where you can find your Direct on IG.
  1. Open the application. The Feed page will open.
  2. Find the paper airplane icon at the very top of the page - that’s the Direct portal. Tap there.
  3. The Direct section will open. There you will find your private chats and group chats, as well as users ‘suggestions’ to whom you can fire your message.

Remembered that? Great. There is one more thing to know: you can configure the popup notifications and view the incoming messages without opening the app. Thus, you will stay tuned with your IG mates. For that:
  1. Open the app, go to your Profile (the right button on the lower panel)
  2. Open Settings section ( three dots or lines at the top), tap Settings at the bottom.
  3. Tap Notification button and then Direct Messages.
  4. Turn on all the notifications not to skip something.

Now you know how to look at DMs on Instagram online. Let’s dig deeper!

How to send messages?

You know where you can find your Direct. It’s time to learn what and how you can send there.

You are kindly allowed to send texts and voice messages, gifs, photos, vids from your gallery, IG posts and stories.

To send a message:
  1. Go to Direct, choose a recipient you would like to bless with your message.
  2. Enter the text, attach files if needed and tap Send.

To send a post from the Feed:
  1. Find the paper airplane right under the post, tap it and choose the recipient. You can add your text to it.
  2. Tap Send.

To send a Story:
  1. While watching Stories, there is a Direct icon at the left bottom part of a window. Tap it.
  2. Write your text and tap Send near the recipient's avatar.

How to delete messages?

When you communicate online, there is always the possibility to send a message to someone by mistake. That won’t hurt you as you can easily delete a message.

  1. In your chat, choose the message you would like to delete, long-tap it.
  2. Then tap Unsend Message in the popup.

That’s it, you’ve got rid of this messy message. If you want to remove the whole conversation, open Direct and long-tap the chat, tap Delete.

What else should you know?

As it was mentioned above, you can use Instagram messenger not only for amusement. You can promote your personal brand and start selling via Direct. Yes, that’s incredible but you can make use of this tool and become successful. There is a clear strategy developed by the marketeers. I will share some basics:
  • start with welcoming each new follower of your profile, say thank you and tell a little about your business and yourself as new followers barely know nothing about you yet. Thus, you make the first contact which will be the bases of your further relationships and communication.
  • do not forget about other followers as well. If you wish to make your followers loyal (no matter if you need it for business or for personal ambitions), continually stay in touch with them - send them vital notifications, news, invitations and others, offer something exclusive.
  • be polite but not formal, friendly, but do not be way out of line.

To align with the strategy, specialists recommend using automatization tools. With the help of auto DM service, you have access to Instagram Direct from any device whatever you are and send bulk messages for your dear Instagrammers. It’s convenient and beneficial.

So, that’s what worth sharing for today. Now you know not only how to look at messages on Instagram, but how to send them and do that to you and your business advantage as well. Enjoy the knowledge, apply it wisely - your success is right about the corner. All the best to you, reader!