How To Check DM On Instagram? A guide for all devices!

Instagram Direct is an in-app chat room that changed the whole concept of this social platform. Several years ago, users had to leave the app to discuss the content; they shared posts as URLs on instant messengers and other social media apps. But when developers got the issue, they integrated a local messenger, which enhanced the time people spend on Insta. Now DMs are similar to Snapchat, and users can exchange not only texts but disappearing media, GIFs, and stickers.

How to check DM on Instagram from any device? While the official web chat isn't released, I uncover several methods to view DMs both from a phone and a computer. If your inbox is busy, you will find a catchy solution for chatting and promotion (handy online service) at the end of this guide. Relax and stay tuned!

How to Check Messages on Instagram from the phone?

We start from the simplest way to view dm on Instagram for the newcomers – in-app. If you already know the answer, skip this passage and explore other methods to check your inbox below. That is what you are to do :

Step #1
Log in to your IG account on the iOS or Android smartphone. If you run several, switch into the page you need.

Step #2
Push the paper airplane image on the right top of the screen. This icon leads to a Direct folder!

Do you see the number? This number indicates how many unread messages you got. It counts only DMs from the users you follow back.

Step #3
Here we go! You see the list of users and their chats with you (it might be blank if you haven't communicated yet). The dialogs are organized by date; all unread messages are marked with a blue dot and bold typing.

Note! If your DM is overwhelmed and you need to find a particular chat, use the search bar and filters. You can look for a key phrase or sort out all unread messages or starred.

Step #4
To see the whole dialog, select any from the main list. Write a reply in the text field or attach disappearing media or one from the gallery.

Note! You can answer a message, not opening the conversation. To do that, tap the camera image next to the dialog you need. Record a video or take a shot in a flash!

Step #5
Finished with chatting? Select the arrow on the left of the screen to return to the feed.

Note! You often get messages from accounts you don't follow back. To read them, you need to open the requests because they are not available among your regular chats. You are free to accept or reject receiving DMs from people you don't know. Also, you can continue the conversation without the necessity to follow back.

DMs on the Web: 3 ways to check the inbox

We assume you noticed that there is no IG DM app for a big screen. Web-version supports viewing the content, but you can't keep in touch with followers. Cheer up! Now you will discover three reliable ways to manage chats on a computer. We gathered a software and trustworthy online service that is a catch if you also promote on IG. Let's cut the chaise!

Way #1 for Windows users only
Those Instagrammers who have a computer on Windows OS are lucky, and we offer the most straightforward way out here. You need to go to the Windows Store and install the official app.

This app allows exchanging instant messages, media content, and also view the feed. The only limitation is your device. If the OS is older than Windows 10, the app won't work. So, you need to upgrade your device or move to the last method in this article.

Way#2 Software for any other OS
Apple and other OS users also have an opportunity to move their conversation to a computer. To do that, you need to install a dedicated software called Android emulator. There are numerous products on the market, but the time-tested service is BlueStacks. You can download it from the web effortlessly. Flume is a viable alternative if your device is on Mas OS.

Usually, an emulator asks you to log in to your account on Google or App Store, where you can install the Instagram app on a computer. Most of them require phone verification or email. As soon as you set up Instagram, you can use it likewise on your smartphone. BlueStacks and its analogs emulate any app on a PC, not only Instagram.

This approach is reliable but not as simple as the next one. It happens that emulators don't work well on some devices; the hardware requires strong characteristics. Plus, you need to indicate sensitive information when registering. And, of course, extra software demands free space on the disk! So, the more advanced strategy is to chat via an online service.

Way #3 DMchats – IG web chat and promotion tool
Running direct messages with the help of the online service is possible from any device. It is comfortable as you don't need to install it over and over again if you work on several computers. DMchats allows you to operate chats, use targeting, analytics, and auto-messages. All these features improve the mailing and promotion strategy on Instagram. That is why we recommend to choose DMchats over other methods:

  • It is clear-cut. Do you spend hours answering direct messages? Or maybe you have thousands of followers or an online shop? We advise you to drop overdue chats on your phone! Conversations on the desktop are more accessible and save hours of your spare time.
  • It is beneficial. Automated DMs and targeted mailing lead to a loyal audience on Insta. Soon you will notice that the service paid back in better engagement and brand awareness. Plus, you don't need to hire an SMM manager to maintain the activity in the community. You can notify the audience on giveaways and special offers by sending a DM to a customized list automatically.
  • It is responsive. Expert customer support is on duty the whole day; you are welcome to ask questions from any part of the globe. We adjust targeting and solve any issues 24/7!
  • It is flexible. DMchats suggest various fees depending on your goals. The packages are suitable for running up to 50 accounts, so even big companies and marketing agencies will find the best fare!

The bottom line
Now you can view DM on Instagram regardless of the device you use, OS, and your goals. You can use DMs in-app to see the private messages swiftly. But to operate multiple chats every day, we advise you to install sided software or run the online service. IG chats on the desktop will make routine communication effective and time-saving!