Get Out Of My Face: How To Delete Direct Messages On Instagram?

The latest versions of the Instagram revision of direct application are increasingly pleasing to fans of the social network. Instagram seems to be collecting the funniest chips of its competitors, in particular, the well-known ability to send self-deleting information available in Snapchat, now there is on Instagram. And that is not to mention all kinds of filters, effects, stickers, and emoji. Still, do you know how to do this? Then we tell you about it.

How to delete direct messages on Instagram: Starter guide

You may have read and noticed that when you follow some pages, you receive a welcome message for a short time, thanking you for the following and a summary of the company or account. Such mailing is a good way to engage followers in a dialogue, increase interest and activity. If you have a personal blog – for the soul, you can do such a message manually. But if you work with a business account, you will save time by automating the sending process.

Unfortunately, the social network does not have built-in functionality to create such mass mailings. To create them automatically it is possible through specialized services. Here, there are some services that you can use:

  • Ingramer – can send information to your followers or intercept new ones from competitors, create your lists. The site has a convenient and intuitive interface, the ability to correspond with multiple accounts in one window.
  • Bigbangram – has the additional advantages of a good built-in filter for segmentation of the audience by gender, age, location, interests, etc. The program is not only for those who develop an account, but who want to send messages to Instagram from the computer.

Direct: The invention created a sensation!

Direct — is a section of correspondence of Instagram users. With the advent of direct appeared methods of how you can interact with your customers and followers through communication in it, and also how to delete direct messages on Instagram. Why is it necessary? Here is a small list of advantages of this section:

  • increasing in coverage;
  • increasing loyalty;
  • sending promotions and special offers;
  • communication with followers;
  • the feedback;
  • direct and indirect sales;
  • after selling communication;
  • sending useful content;
  • video calls;
  • sending IGTV video.

We think you have realized that the proper use of this tool can have a great benefit. Now almost all Instagram processes can be automated, and not do it manually, as it was in 2015 — 2016. Direct is personal correspondence between users. It was conceived simply as a function of communication within Instagram but has become a great tool for promotion and sales. Using it you can use auto direct in Instagram effectively, safely and without downtime.

What can you write in the first message to new followers?
  1. About discounts. If possible, provide a discount on the first procedure, service or purchase.
  2. Information about promotions, price reductions, a product of the week, sales, etc.
  3. Welcome and thanks for following.
  4. Offer to buy a product or service.
  5. Offer free advice or assistance in choosing a product/service.

Cracked up to be the first message:
  1. Short. Avoid long texts, few people will read them.
  2. Simple and understandable. Write in simple words, do not use complex terms.
  3. Useful. Thank for following, give a discount, etc., but no need to write about what a great organization/store or service you have.

When writing a text think about what would be interesting to read to your followers? If you don’t think about it firstly, then you will need to think about how to delete Instagram messages.

Besides, there are some daily limits for auto-direct. They include the limit in the first week of sending: it is recommended to send no more than 50 messages per day. In the future, do not exceed 200 answering machines per day. Minimum pause between messages — 30-45 seconds. Above all, you can use a good randomization of the text that the system identified the message as spam.

How to delete Instagram DM: Working process

The scheme of work is very simple and consists of several steps:
Step 1. Check for new followers.
If there are no new followers, the program just takes a short pause and checks again.
Step 2. If new followers are found, the program:
1. Creates a message to send from the template.
2. Send messages.
3. Records the account to which the message was sent to a special list.
4. Send messages. After sending, a pause is maintained and the message is sent to the next new one
Step 3. Send messages to the created list of followers.
Step 4. Send messages to the competitor’s followers to attract their attention.

Final word
Even if you are not engaged in blogging and do not have a business account, we recommend that you try the features described in the article, including mailing for new followers, at least for a free trial period. This will help you to open a social network, on the other hand, to find new friends or customers and a great variety of communication with existing followers.