All You Need to Know about Instagram Direct Template

Knowledge is power. This article will provide you with it, don't miss the chance to use the power to make yourself the next Bill Gates.

Instagram DM marketing is an efficient promotion tool which value is underestimated for the time being, to my mind. Thanks to it, it's possible to increase the engagement and loyalty rates of the audience, organize collaborations with influencers, it helps generate lead and increase sales.

What's the essence of an Instagram Direct template?

Instagram Direct templates are prepared in advance script of your messages to your Instagram followers. Creating such a template is part of your mailing strategy and should be carefully thought out.

Why do you need creating templates?

For your own convenience, firstly. It's always helpful to have some work material at hand while you communicate with your customers, clients and influencers. It significantly saves time.

Moreover, it's required if you use services for automating messaging to Direct. Agree that while you are running even small or medium business, communicate with 100 or even 50 users is a time-consuming process. That's why marketers and business owners use such services willingly.

The rules of writing templates

  • Be brief. People don't like long reads on Instagram or anywhere else.
  • Don't be formal. To establish real close contact with a user, you need to be friendly. Forget about formal words and excessive politeness. Use smileys and emojis, send funny gifs to get a user to your good side.
  • Offer something special. No need to hide it, we love being chosen, love getting exclusive info first hand, love getting discounts and chances to get something for free. Use these people's weaknesses for your business' sake.
  • Don't be pushy. Do not try to sell from the very first message. Remember, your aim is to interpolate, attract, make a mash, show your advantages, point out the benefits you offer and that's all. But you can freely do that with your following messages.
  • Write in your own name, don't use 'We' or 'Our' company, your communication should be personal as possible.

How to apply them in the right way?

Sure, you may create your templates, save them to your Docs and use it every time you are going to send them to your followers.

Or there is an alternative - use auto mailing services like DM Chats. With it, you can send messages to your followers automatically - to all of them, only new ones or to a custom list of followers.

Let's start at the very beginning.

  • Send your greetings to every new follower automatically. Introduce yourself and what you are doing. Attach a link to your website if you have one.
  • Notify about the updates and news you have. It can be new types of goods, new shipping policy, new collection - anything that would interest your clients.
  • Give exclusive information. Oh, you can't imagine how people love it - the information that nobody except them knows. Tell about your plans, hint at upcoming sales.
  • Offer discounts. The main force pushing people to buy is the possibility to do that with some financial gain.
  • Send invitations. Organizing offline events, don't forget to send the invitation to your followers.
  • Do researches and ask for feedback. Your Direct is a great tool for getting to know your clients better. Ask their opinion about the quality of your products.
  • It's obvious you can use auto DM not only for business purposes. For instance, if you are a full-of-love creature and wants to make friends with as many Instagrammers as possible, Auto DM is the tool you've been looking for.
"Hey, I like your smile! I would like to see it tonight, don't you mind?"
Use your pickup skills. I'm sure you know what to do! But do not forget to adjust the proper targeting (Gender and Language), it's vital in this case!

What are the benefits of using Auto DM?

Services that automate certain processes are created to make your life not complicated. Auto DM does the same for you.

  • It makes the interaction with your followers, fans and potential clients easy. With your messages, you make the first step, establishing the contact.
  • It allows you to reach out and send your message to the whole audience - something that you wouldn't do manually.
  • It saves time for you. Automatization allows you to shorten the time you spend on Instagram marketing, so you can focus on more challenging tasks.

That's all you need to know about creating an Instagram Direct template for promotion. I hope you find it useful! xo xo